Past Custom Work

This section represents jobs that we have previously done. All of these items were custom made to the end users specific needs. We can create, recreate or repair any similar item or most any custom item you can imagine. If you see something you like please Contact Us for additional information. They are MANY photos on this page. If you have time please scroll all the way to the bottom to see the wide range of projects we work on. 

Click HERE if you would like to see pictures of our heavily modified 1998 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP. 


One off custom Boston Red Sox Home base plate. This item we custom made for our own game room area.  

Custom card markers/card weights are one of our specialties. We love poker and many of our customers do as well. This custom piece was crafted for one of our softball superstars. What logo can we machine for you? 

The backside of the Bonehead card marker is equally as awesome with their team's motto machined into it. 

This card marker was crafted from 304 Stainless steel for the base. Around the perimeter holes is an alternating 360 brass feature pressed in and machined flush for the "silver and gold" theme. The assembly was polished to a mirror finish. In the center is a grade 5 titanium disc that rotates 360 degrees on a sealed bearing that is blind pressed. The main feature is a black delrin plastic spade that was negative machined into the titanium, positive machined into the delrin and pressed together and machined flush to finish. 

Shown here is step one of several for a custom card protector. This assembly is brass pressed into aluminum pressed into titanium pressed into stainless steel. Photos of later steps to come soon. 

Here is one side of our "bralumstaintanium" project. Our shop logo "G" rises in a 3D fashion from the face, as well as shop related text ball milled in.  

A 3D spade and custom logo were machined into the backside. 

Pictured here are 2 of our earliest card markers. These have over a decade of use. They have played in $5 cash games and high dollar Vegas tournaments and still look great. 

Custom Stainless Steel Dealer Buttons. These were machined with a private game room emblem milled into the backside. 

Pictured here is an early design of our dice in titanium, brass and stainless steel. Although we opted for a more aggressive design on our inventory dice we can custom make this style or any other you would like.  

Billet aluminum paper weight. Or a fist wedge, you decide.

Aluminum SKS tandem magazine clamp in black anodize with a customer provided logo milled in. 

Here is a custom sized billet alumminum cue stick. Although this is not regulation weight it was a wonderful addition to the game room. 

Stainless steel IQ game similar to the wooden version seen at Friendly's Restaurants. This item was the inspiration behind our regularly stocked aluminum version. 

Custom engraved billet aluminum cube. This cube features binary and hexadecimal numbers machined in a specific sequence to meet our customers needs. 

Pictured here is a custom boat emblem we manufactured for a Stevens Drag Race boat restoration. No need to settle for old worn out emblems. We can duplicate obsolete factory emblems, or create custom ones just for you. 

Heartfelt gifts are always the best to receive. This was a personalized gift from grandparents to their sweet sixteen granddaughter.

Some projects are more entertaining than others and this one left us with a smile on our face. Pictured is a set of 1" square titanium "LOVE" dice. Every word and image was customer selected for their exact wants and needs. 

Pictured here is a custom bike stem cap we created for a customer. We can manufacture these with your own personal tag line out of any material you would like. 

Pictured in between our stock shamrock bottle opener is a custom opener for a local softball team. Custom logos like this Boneheads softball logo can be added to most any of our inventory items. 

As with many of our products customization is often key. Here is an example of a great Father's Day present for a close friend. 

Custom keychains are a regular item in our shop. Pictured here is a custom logo that was recreated from a hand sketch. If you can draw it we can machine it. 

Pictured here is a custom supercharger pulley. We can custom machine pulleys or entire modular assemblies for any supercharged application. Your imagination is our limitation.  

Similar to the pulley above this pulley was custom made to fit the Lysholm supercharger kit. It is shown here in black anodize. We manufacture these to any diameter.  

Shown here is our prototype Harley Davidson saddle bag latch cover. These are machined from billet aluminum and will be available with custom designs or logos. 

This is the backside view of the prototype latch covers. 

This set of latch covers were customized and test fitted on our shop prototype Harley. 

Close up view of the custom striping on our shop bike latch covers. 

This keychain is custom made from one of our standard stainless dominoes.

Heavy duty solid delrin riser pads. As a youth I used to regularly break the thin wall riser pads available at most skate shops. There is no street terrain or skate ramp to gnarly for these riser pads. 

Brass wire adapter 1/0 gauge to 4 gauge. In pursuit of the highest SPL possible our new adapters will allow you to get more power into your amp when it matters most. We ran these in our competition car for many years with great success, earning us an invitation to the IASCA world finals in our final year of competing. 

ANL Fuse block. 1/0 gauge in and out. This was custom made for pure cosmetic reasons in a SQ audio build. 

Modified Optima Battery cover. Lexan window plus fuse mounting hardware.

Freight train engine key modified to accept Stella Artios tap handle

Stainless steel GM alternator overdrive pulley. This was made for a SPL competition car to overdrive the alternator. This helped to keep the amps up so the audio amplifier would get plenty of power. 

Norinco SKS Sporter custom build still in progress

Stainless Steel SKS flash supressor/muzzle brake. This was a prototype test for proof of concept. Currently the mounting method is being redesigned. We hope to have the finished version available soon. 

When things don't fit the way you want we can help you make them fit. This hardened gear was machined with a custom bolt pattern to fit the customers needs. 

Picatinny rail modification. Factory rail radius was off center. Machined back to zero tolerance.

Solid brass bullet starter for .50 caliber muzzleloader

Replacement gear for older farm manure spreader. Older equipment can have replacement parts that are labeled obsolete we can remedy that by machining you a brand new one. 

Modified Hemi rods to fit into big block Caddy pulling tractor engine

Three step process of machining. When time is a factor custom machining maybe the solution. The finished arm in this photo is typically a casting, six week process was too long to wait. So, a production run of these arms were CNC machined from billet aluminum in under a week. 

Half complete Zombie edition SKS build.

Custom built Norinco MAK-90 AK-47.

Fresh bushings and greaseable hardened shafts are a great way to make old things run like new again. These tow truck pulleys are as good as new and ready for long term performance.

As you may know farming is a tough business. It requires strong backs and good equipment. Pictured on the left is a custom made heavier duty version of a bearing carrier for a corn seeder. This billet stainless hub should last many times longer than the stamped steel version on the right. 

Some items that come into our shop need a simple facelift. This item was polished to a shiny gold finish to help turn a custom bike build into a rolling monument of awesome. If you have something old that needs to look new then we can do that for you. 

Occassionally we get to modify as oppose to repair. Pictured here is a pulling lawn tractor flywheel pulley that is bolted to our machine adapter that also accepts a foreign flywheel to put electric start on an antique rope start tractor. 

No project is too small to capture our interest. Pictured here is a custom 360 brass butt plate that we had the opportunity to make for an antique bolt action shotgun. 

Although not a regular item this card weight represents the type of detail we can put into our custom pieces. 

Sometimes customization can be a simple as personalization. Shown here is a person's initials in a custom font. 

Custom automotive has always been a passion of ours. This custom VW hood emblem was the last piece of the puzzle to finish a custom Volkswagen build. 

This is what happens when I get bored. Send me work so I don't have so much time to screw around.