Poker/Texas Hold 'em Accessories

Our 304 Stainless steel card markers or card weights are used to protect a poker players cards while they play by having it sit on top of their cards when they are face down on the table. It can help keep people from peeking at your hand, stop a dealer from accidentally folding your cards or stop a possible mixing of cards from someone else sliding cards across the table. The weights are 2" in diameter and 1/4" thick. We also offer a 2" diameter stainless dealer button as well. For your convenience these are located on our Etsy Store. Please Contact Us for any custom orders. 


Pocket Aces/All in Marker

All Suits  Marker

Picture of AK47/SKS front and backside

Picture of AR-15 front and backside 

Dealer Button

Our premium dealer buttons are machined from billet 304 stainless steel. At over 5 ounces in weight these 2" buttons are the heaviest you will find on the market.