SKS / AK47

Along with stock items readily available in our Etsy store we can create or modify your existing parts. Please Contact Us with custom needs or visit our Etsy store to purchase inventory items. 


SKS Extended Mag Release

Our extended mag releases are machined from billet 304 stainless steel. They are a universal fit for every SKS variant that uses the "duck bill" style magazines. These can be found for sale in our ebay listings and our Etsy Store. These are also available in mild steel as well for home bluing purposes. 

Our extended magazine releases come in a brushed/satin type finish. 

Our releases are CNC machined to be a universal fit for any SKS variant. Pictured here is a Chinese stamped trigger group. 

Souvenir SKS  AR15 AK47 Medallion

This item is machined from billet 304 stainless steel. The size dimensions are 2" diameter and 1/4" thick. The opposite faces of each medallion are machined to reflect the shape of a bullet casing head stamp. The AR medallion has "Winchester 223" and the AK/SKS reads "Winchester 7.62"

SKS Dual Mag Coupler

Black SKS kit ready to be installed on your mags. 

Sideview of SKS clamp kit installed.

AK47 Dual Mag Coupler

Black AK kit ready to be installed on your mags. 

Side view of an installed AK-47 kit. 

"Ranger" style floor plate for Tapco magazine

With no good Magpul type options for AK-47 magazines we decided to create our own. These plates are machined from 6061 aluminum and labeled USA for 922R compliance. These floor plates will fit AK-47 Tapco magazines as well as Tapco "duck bill" SKS magazines. 

SKS Single Point Sling Mount

This all stainless kit has a custom machined single point sling mount for the Tapco Intrafuse stock set. 

Single point sling mount shown with traditional sling swivel loop.

Single point sling mount shown in use. 

SKS / AK47 Bolt Polishing

SKS bolt custom polished. We deburr your factory bolt and hand polish it to a chrome like finish. Polishing is $25 plus shipping. Email eegould@vermontcnc.com if you would like this service performed. 

Side by side view of a polished SKS bolt and a polished AK-47 bolt.

"Drop Free" Bolt Mod

Here is a visual example of our machine work for a SKS "Drop free" bolt mod. This will allow for the insertion and removal of a detachable magazine when the bolt is closed. This service performed for $50 plus shipping and is typically a two business day turn around. Please email eegould@vermontcnc.com if you would like this service performed. 

Opposite side view